About Sticker McStickerson!

Emoji’s were great for what they were, but we’ve stepped things up a notch.   Why constrain yourself to a series of tiny little baubles that don’t even make sense a lot of the time? Our big beautiful stickers give you visual verbs, nouns and adjectives from the serious to the silly. They’ll make you laugh and smile, and do the same to anyone you send them to.  You can send stickers by themselves, slap them on top of boring text, on top of images and even on top of other stickers. If you’re into that sort of thing. And why wouldn’t you be?

We here at Sticker McStickerson take our stickers seriously.  As seriously as stickers can be.  Which is up for debate, but we digress.  We aim to please by focusing on as many different niches as possible.  We also take pride in providing communication options to groups of people who feel underrepresented by the standard palette of choices out in the interwebs.  Is there a group/activity/anything at all that you don’t see, but you’d like to?  Let us know so we can get to it.  Unless it’s super weird, in which case, still let us know – we can’t help but be intrigued.